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Forensic Mapping


PIX4D Mapper and Farozone 2D/3D

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Topics Covered

​PIX4D Mapper

  • Marking ground control points

  • Creating processing areas

  • Evaluating the Quality Report

  • Using the “Basic Image Editor”

  • Calibrating cameras

  • Creating manual tie points

  • Reoptimizing and/or Re-matching

  • Create and edit point clouds

  • Create and edit Orthomosaic

  • Creating polylines

  • Exporting Point-clouds, TIFF, and Polylines

  • Implement of Scale Constraints

  • Image Annotating

  • Use of the Clipping Boxes

Farozone 2D/3D

  • Import .TIFF and/or point-cloud

  • Draw Lines

  • Take measurements

  • Label and annotate map

  • Merge points clouds from UAS and LIDAR. (Cloud Compare Software)

  • Export courtroom ready forensic map(s). 


  • Make sure software is operational, PowerPoint to familiarize students, automated mapping, manual mapping (Day 1)

  • Project processing in PIX4D Mapper Software (Day 2, 3 & 4)

  • Importing projects, editing, and finalizing maps in Farozone 2D and/or 3D software (Day 4 and 5)

  • Course is almost entirely hands-on learning!

Aerial Metrics Maptools

Years of experience working with Pix4Dmapper and public safety agencies led to the development of a suite of tools that supplement Pix4D and make workflows simpler.  The software address six key issues:

  • On scene coverage analysis of sUAS imagery

  • Identifying excess images and thereby reducing processing time

  • Preparing elevation GCPs to produce correctly leveled models (no hardware required)

  • Preparing images from orthomosaics for inclusion in reports (replaces GIS software for this purpose)

  • Preparing x/y/z points lists

  • Providing optimized Pix4D processing profiles for common scenarios



  • Brad Bigham

  • Fulltime, 18-year officer with Sherman Police Department (Sherman, Texas)

  • 16 years as a crash investigator and reconstructionist at SPD.

  • Owner/Operator of Brad’s Drones Tx, LLC

  • Investigator at Closing Speed Consulting

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